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Welcome to Salix Alba Skincare - Age Prevention

          Janey Lee Grace



After three years of intensive research, Salix Alba Skincare can offer you the first ever LUXURY natural age prevention anti-ageing day / night cream - Salix Alba Skincare for Women & Men.

We’ve taken the gift of the unique natural salicin found within our exclusive PURE water source, and infused it with some of the world’s best known and most potent natural skincare ingredients, renowned for their beneficial effects on the skin,to create a truly Unique all natural Age |Prevention / Anti-Ageing formulation of excellance.


We at Salix Alba Skincare believe we have produced a truly global age prevention anti-ageing skincare brand, made in the UK, to rival anything out there in the market place. Don't take our word, try it for yourself and you will see the difference

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